Friday Night Scramble Results

After our first two weeks of Friday Night Scrambles we have had some very interesting tournaments to say the least!

On May 27th, it was a highly contested tournament where 2nd-6th place was separated by only two shots. In third place, Aimee and Jeff shot a -1, 35. In second, Roger and Levi also shooting a -1, 35 but they won in a card off after the fourth hole. In first place shooting a -3, 33 was Lewis and Jeremy. It was a fantastic turnout for our first Friday Night Scramble of the season and it was only going to get better from there.

On June 3rd the weather was a little more of a challenge with gusts as high as 30 mph. Despite the conditions the top four spots were separated by only four shots. In third place shooting an even par 36, Nate and Jeremy. After winning the card off after five holes, shooting an even par 36, Vance and Jeff. In first place shooting a -1, 35, Roger and Brock. Even though the wind was making play a little more difficult there were still a lot of very good scores out there. We encourage anyone who wants to play to come out and join us on Friday nights for these scrambles for a fun round of golf!


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