Medicine Hole Golf Course and COVID 19

The folks at Medicine Hole are concerned about your health and well-being. Therefore it is imperative that we share with you our plan for moving forward with our daily operations at the golf course.

With the current situation, everyone must be cautious about how we go about our daily lives. And, while a certain amount of isolation is important. we also believe that recreation, exercise and fresh air are just as critical. This is especially important to our mental well-being.

Therefore, we are making the golf course available for daily practice and play by participating in the Park and Play Program. This a national set of guidelines set forth by the National Golf Course Owners Association designed to meet the social distancing and sanitation practices recommended by the Center for Disease Control.

Please Click the following link for more information on the Park and Play Program

Here are a few key points to remember;

Clubhouse Access

Access to the clubhouse and the patio will be restricted until further notice.

***Advance Tee Times are required at this time. To reserve your time and to pay in advance. Please call 1 (701) 764-4653 before coming to the golf course.***

Payments may be made at the window, but with credit cards only at this time.

Food and Beverages are available for Takeout Only. Please order early. Coolers and Food can be picked up at the back window

Merchandise; Golf Balls, Tees, Shoes, Hats, Shirts, Etc are available. However, items requiring fitting may have to wait until the crisis has passed.

Golf Carts

The Key will be in the cart for you when you arrive.

Please give your name and phone number to the attendant for our records. You do not have to sign for the cart

Simply load your clubs, coolers, etc and you are ready to go.

One person per cart. Exceptions will b made on a case by case basis

Upon completion of your round, you are responsible for removing all trash from the cart before returning it to the staging area. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Range and Practice Green

Tokens will be issued at the window

Please leave your bucket at the range. an attendant will collect and sterilize them before returning them to the ball dispenser.

Maintain a minimum six foot separation between players on the range and practice green.

Range is restricted to mats only until further notice.

On The Course

The cups are elevated above ground level on purpose.

Flag sticks must remain in the hole at all times. DO NOT TOUCH THEM!

Maintain six foot separation at all times, especially on the tee boxes and the greens.

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