Golf League Sign-up

Get your friends together and sign up today! We know it is short notice, but the Zombie Apocalypse has caused delays in our lives. It is time to get things back to normal with Great Friends, Great Food, Great Fun, and Great Golf!

This will be a Three Person Shamble with a Match Play format. Each team is allowed up to five players. This allows for two substitutes per team for those nights when the honey-do list might interfere with getting out with your buddies and having a great time.

There will be weekly prizes, food every week, a celebration banquet, and lots of fun for everyone!

Time is short, so call the golf shop today at (701)-764-4653 to get signed up.

2020 League Golf Rules

Welcome to the 2020 Medicine Hole Golf League. This document is written to establish rules and guidelines going forward in order to eliminate confusion and to ensure that everyone has a good time. Matches begin on Tuesday, June 2nd with the championship match and banquet being on August 18th.


The format will consist of a three player Shamble. All three players will tee off with the best shot selected. Then all three players will play their own ball from that point until they hole out. The lowest score for the hole will be recorded.

Match Play rules will be used throughout the nine-hole match. (1Up, 2Down, AS, etc.)

If the match is decided in less than nine holes, complete the remaining holes anyway and record the scores. The average score will be used to determine seeding for the championship round.

All scorecards must be turned in at the end of each match.  Make sure they are signed by both team captains/reps.

Play begins promptly at 5:30 PM each week. Teams will proceed to their assigned holes at 5:20 PM and be ready to play.

If a team is late for their Tee Time, they will automatically forfeit any holes missed, however they may still join their opponents to complete any remaining holes. Make you are here early to avoid forfeiting any holes!!

If a team is a no-show, they automatically forfeit their match.

A victory is worth two points and a draw is worth one point in the standings during the regular season. During the playoffs no match may end in a draw. Continue to play until a winner is decided.


Each Team may consist of up to five players with only three players competing each week. There will be no floating substitutes allowed. Substitutes may only play for their assigned team.


League standings and pairings will be posted on the bulletin board in the clubhouse and on the Website MedicineHoleGolfCourse.Wordpress.Com


Prizes will be available every week, including during the playoffs. Remember! The playoff is a double elimination. However, plan on playing every week as there are still prizes to be won, even if you are eliminated.

Championship Dinner

A championship celebration will take place on 18 August with the dinner menu selected by last years champions. There will be a nominal fee charged for this dinner, with last year’s champs getting to eat for free. Everyone is invited to attend.

Good Luck to Everyone and lets have a great league season!

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